What is EFT?

What do I say about EFT? There are many resources out there in this “internet age” but it distils down to this; it needs to be experienced, it needs to be felt to be understood. Talking, explanations get us started but don’t be fooled. Your mind abhors relinquishing control; it will drown you in words, paralyze you with analysis, and overwhelm you into submission, all to protect you. Protect you from what, feelings?

We live in an information age overrun with words, opinions, causes, rallies, protests where fear, anger and outrage are centre stage. We live in a world where we need to protect ourselves from what’s around the corner; what’s out there; those that want to attack and hurt us, take advantage of us in some way. Have you ever stopped to consider how this fear based existence affects the choices you made? How it limits your feelings to rage and anger? When was the last time it felt o.k. to sing? Cry? Just play?

Can you imagine a different way of being?

Can you imagine being so happy that the smile won’t leave your face?

Can you imagine the laugh lines from a lifetime of joy, fun and good times?

If you want something different, it is possible. If you want to make a change, it can be done. If you are tired and want something better, you can have it. If you are willing, this gentle acupressure tapping technique can make it so.

While there are many, many things I can tell you about this gentle technique, it needs to be experienced to be fully understood. Here are some resources to satisfy your curiosity and when you are ready, I am here.

EFT Radio Online     a wonderful source of broadcasts on a variety of topics.

Brad Yates                  Brad has a wonderful selection of youtube videos to ‘test drive’ EFT

Gwyneth Moss           Gwyneth has an information packed website, check out her ‘gentle techniques’.

"Emotional Freedom Techniques are among the most powerful healing techniques in the world today!

Based on discoveries involving the body's subtle energies, EFT has proven 80% clinically effective when administered correctly, for stress, fears, depression, addictive cravings, weight loss and many other physical symptoms.

EFT is usually rapid, long lasting and gentle with no side effects. No drugs or equipment are involved and EFT is easily learned by anyone who has the desire. It is easily and effectively self applied." - extracted from AAMET training manual

DISCLAIMER: This website provides general information, it is not intended as professional advice or treatment. Testimonials are not a guarantee, warranty or prediction of outcome. Reading this website content does not engage the visitor in a professional relationship. Please remember that EFT and Energy Therapies in general are never a replacement for medical care. If you feel that you have a concern that needs medical attention, please do not hesitate to contact your healthcare provider. Katherine Barrer is not a psychotherapist nor a psychologist and does not practice psychotherapy of any kind. Katherine is an AAMET trained EFT Practitioner. The term Energy Psychology was coined by David Feinstein Psychotherapist and author www.innersource.net and Dr. Fred Gallo author and psychotherapist www.energypsych.com. For more information about Energy Psychology see the book “The Promise of Energy Psychology….Revolutionary Tools for Dramatic Personal Change” which can be ordered from www.innersource.net.

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